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24 07, 2017


Gambit came from behind to defeat Immortals 2-1 and win PGL Major Krakow.

The first map of the series was Cobblestone, Immortals’ pick, and it began with Immortals taking a 3-0 lead following three straight B executions. The first gun round then went Gambit’s way, and the only reason why Immortals did not rally back right after was that Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko toyed withHenrique “HEN1” Teles in the B site until the clock ran out.

Gambit were still finding their feet in the game when Immortals responded with another round, leaving the Kazakh team with no money in the bank. After calling a timeout at 2-5, Mihail “Dosia” Stolyarov pushed Gambit towards their third round victory with a quad kill inside B, but HEN1 responded with a 1v3 clutch to keep Immortals in control.

Whether they played fast or slow Counter-Strike, Immortals continued dictating the pace of the game and kept Gambit off any economic growth. The Brazilians limited their opponents to just three rounds, with HEN1 boasting 18 kills following a dream Terrorist side.

Now playing on the CT side, Immortals piled even more misery on Gambit by shutting them down while they attempted a fast A execution, with Lucas “steel” Lopes picking up three longe-range USP kills. The Brazilians followed that up with the next two rounds, hitting map point, and even though an all-out force-buy from Gambit still earned them a round, Immortals continued playing like a train with no brakes and quickly closed out the map.

Gambit were slaughtered on the first map but turned the series around

The next map, Train, began at a frantic pace, with rounds going back and forth as neither side managed to stamp their authority on the game. Gambit then excelled on the map and won five rounds straight as Immortals had no response to the Europeans’ quick executions.

The Brazilians finally put their foot down to hold back Gambit, stringing two rounds then, with Zeus denying Ricardo “boltz”Prass the chance to clutch a 1v3 situation in the following round. The 20-year-old looked unfazed and bounced back with a sensational quad kill, with Vito “kNgV-“ Giuseppeemulating his teammate in the next round with an AWP. Immortals would go on to reduce the gap to a minimum, but Gambit took the final two rounds to secure a 9-6 lead.

boltz fired Immortals up with a triple p250 kill in the second pistol round of the game. After buying up, Gambit took control of the game by winning three rounds with no response, bringing the scoreline to 12-9. A scrappy period of play then followed, but a triple-kill from Rustem “mou”Telepov in a partial buy gave Gambit their 14th round and left Immortals with no money to attempt a comeback.

Immortals finish second at their first-ever Major

The first half of Inferno was a one-way street from the get-go, with Gambit jumping out to a 5-0 lead on the CT side. Immortals then finally managed to break through the CT’s defence, overturning a 3v5 situation against all odds, but they got shut down in the following round while pushing B, whereDauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev got three kills to his name.

Every time that Immortals got a round, they were instantly reset, which allowed Gambit to increase their lead to 10-2. The Brazilians then won two rounds in a row, the second of which thanks to a quad-kill from kNgV-, before the Kazakh team bagged the final round of the half to secure an 11-4 lead.

A great start from Immortals on the CT side saw them win four rounds without response. Adrenaline was running high at the TAURON Arena, and then the crowd erupted as Abay“HObbit” Khasenov gave Gambit their first round of the half with a sensational 1v3 clutch.

That was a start of a great run from the Kazakh team, who brought the scoreline to 14-9. The next round went Immortals’ way, but the Brazilians would soon be left with no cash after losing a 4v2 against Dosia and HObbit. That ended up being the final nail in the Brazilians’ coffin as they were helpless to prevent Gambit from taking the map.

1. Kazakhstan Gambit – $500,000 + “Legend” status
2. Brazil Immortals – $150,000 + “Legend” status
3-4. Denmark Astralis – $70,000 + “Legend” status
3-4. Poland – $70,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Sweden fnatic – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Brazil SK – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Germany BIG – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Denmark North – $35,000 + “Legend” status
9-11. France G2 – $8,750
9-11. United States Cloud9 – $8,750
9-11. CIS FlipSid3 – $8,750
12-14. CIS Natus Vincere – $8,750
12-14. Europe mousesports – $8,750
12-14. Europe PENTA – $8,750
15-16. Europe FaZe – $8,750
15-16. Russia Vega Squadron – $8,750


23 07, 2017


Chiefs triumph over Tainted Minds to win the AOC CyberGamer Premier League Winter 2017 Finals.

The two-day Australian event featured four of Australia’s top teams in action this weekend, duking it out for a lion’s share of the increased prize fund of $15,000 AUD (~$11,200) and two spots up for grabs at the CGPL Championship in November.

In the first semi-final, Tainted Minds cruised past Dark Sided in two straight maps, as Sam “flickz” Jones and company could not find an answer to their opponent’s impressive CT defense. Meanwhile, Chiefs—the defending champions of CGPL Autumn—defeated Mohammed“MoeycQ” Tizani’s Grayhound in a close 2-0 series (16-12 de_train, 16-14 de_overpass), also progressing on to the upper bracket final.

Chiefs win back-to-back CGPL splits

Grayhound was the first team to be eliminated from the double-elimination tournament, as Erka “erkaSt” Gantulga’s squad fell to Dark Sided 1-2 in the lower bracket. Dark Sided went on to face Mike “ap0c” Aliferis’ roster  in the consolidation final, who suffered a crushing 0-2 loss to Chiefs, only displaying a total of eight rounds in the two-map series.

Once again, Tainted Minds  emerged victorious, sendingMatthew “Texta” O’Rourke’s crew back home in third place.Chiefs obtained a comfortable lead heading into the best-of-five grand final against the AEM Season 1 champions, due to a 1-0 map advantage from their undefeated status in the upper bracket.

Despite the extra bonus, Chiefs slipped in the earlier stages of the match, as Jesse “InfrequeNt” Barker and company claimed the second map from behind, 16-14 on Inferno. However, Tyler “tucks” Reilly’s side reset themselves for the overall win and secured the next two maps, 16-11 on Train and 16-4 on Cache.

1. Australia Chiefs – $7,500 AUD (~$5,540) + CGPL Championship spot
2. Australia Tainted Minds – $3,500 AUD (~$2,585) + CGPL Championship spot
3. Australia Dark Sided – $2,000 AUD (~$1,475)
4. Australia Grayhound – $2,000 AUD (~$1,475)
5-6. Australia Funky Monkeys
5-6. Australia Legacy
7-8. Australia AVANT
7-8. Australia Athletico


20 07, 2017


KPI Gaming have announced that they have parted ways with their CS:GO team with immediate effect.

In a statement, KPI revealed that the decision was made by the players, who are expected to reveal their next destination in the coming days.

The Spanish team had been part of KPI’s ranks since September 2016, and during their time under the organisation they established themselves as the strongest side in the country, winning several domestic tournaments including Barcelona Games World, ESL Major Spain and ESL Masters España.

Spanish team beat EnVyUs at Dreamhack Valencia

Earlier this month, Javier “dragunov” Sánchez & co attended DreamHack Valencia, where they raised eyebrows by defeating EnVyUs in the first round of the group stage before eventually falling short against the French side in the decider match.

“The day we never wanted to come is here, it is time to say farewell to KPI,” a statement from the players added.

“All of the members of the organisation helped us to grow, and, for that, there is no proper way to thank them.

“We would like to thank KPI’s staff for doing what they did for us every day. Thank you for continuing to be who you are, and we hope the club will reach the highest level.”

KPI had the following roster:

Spain Javier “dragunov” Sánchez
Spain Francesc “donQ” Savall Garcia
Spain Juan “meisoN” Carlos Chacón
Spain Alejandro “ALEX” Masanet
Spain Alejandro “mopoz” Fernández-Quejo Cano


19 07, 2017


Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså has announced on Twitter that he is no longer contracted to Heroic.

The 22-year-old’s future has been up in the air since he expressed uncertainty about his future on Heroic, who decided to bench the player ahead of the closed qualifier for ESL One Cologne.

At the time, Heroic parent company RFRSH Entertainment revealed that it would help Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså to find a new team while he remained under a contract with the organisation, but, according to a tweet from the player, he is now free to join another team.

valde is open to offers after leaving Heroic

Formerly of Copenhagen Wolves, valde is recognised as one of the most promising young talents in the Nordic region. During his time with Heroic, he helped the Danish team to win the International Gaming League 2016 Finals and reach the semi-finals at IEM Katowice.

16 07, 2017


Ninjas in Pyjamas have won DreamHack Open Valencia following a 2-0 victory over Red Reserve (16-10 on Mirage and 16-2 on Cache).

The all-Swedish clash for first place in Valencia began withRed Reserve getting out to a 5-0 lead as Counter-Terrorists on their map pick, Mirage. NiP nearly pulled off a semi-buy in the sixth round, but Mikail “Maikelele” Bill managed to win it with a last-second defuse.

It was only then that NiP secured their first round. After following it up with two more rounds, Richard “Xizt”Landström’s men allowed their opponents to string rounds together once again, but the Ninjas picked themselves up in the final stages of the half and reduced the gap to 6-9.

Now playing as CT, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg and co. quickly got to the lead for the first time in the game. NiP lost a single round before continuously stopping their opponents’ T-side strats, finishing off the first map with a 16-10 scoreline.

NiP have been crowned DreamHack Valencia champions

The second map was Cache, NiP’s map pick, and it kicked off with Red Reserve finding two kills and planting the bomb in A. Still, Fredrik “REZ” Sterner helped his team to secure the round with a quad-kill.

Even in gun rounds, REZ and co. continued to control the pace of the game, and they closed out the half with a dominant 13-2 lead. After picking up the pistol round, Xizt’s team easily closed out the map, 16-2, and the series, 2-0, to secure the first place and a $50,000 payout.

Here are the final standings of Dreamhack Open Valencia:

1. Sweden NiP – $50,000
2. Sweden Red Reserve – $20,000
3-4. Denmark Heroic – $10,000
3-4. France EnVyUs – $10,000
5-6. United States CLG – $3,000
5-6. Spain KPI – $3,000
7-8. United States NRG – $2,000
7-8. United States Misfits – $2,000

14 07, 2017


Lucas “destiny” Bullo is no longer part of Luminosity Gaming’s lineup, the player has revealed.

The 20-year-old made the announcement through a Twitlonger post, though he did not reveal the reason behind the move.

Lucas “destiny” Bullo had been part of Luminosity since the North American organisation signed WinOut’s roster, in July 2016. During this period, the team most notably finished runners-up at the EsportsArena Showdown Championship and seventh in ESL Pro League Season 5’s North American division, just three points adrift of a spot at the finals.

destiny is out of Luminosity

Luminosity were last seen competing in the North American qualifier for DreamHack Open Valencia, in which the Brazilian team finished second after losing to NRG in the final.

“Guys, I am no longer part of Luminosity Gaming,” destinywrote. “I would like say ‘thank you’ for this time and wish you guys the best of luck in the future.

“I still do not know what I am going to do.”

Luminosity now have:

Brazil Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Gonçalves
Brazil Gustavo “yeL” Knittel
Brazil Bruno “shz” Martinelli
Brazil Vinicios “PKL” Coelho


12 07, 2017


Renegades have become the last team to secure a spot at DreamHack Masters Malmo after defeating Liquid 2-1 in the North American closed qualifier.

The North American qualifying process for DreamHack Masters Malmö came to an end on Sunday as 16 teams – half of whom invited – faced off in a single-elimination bracket for the chance to grab the last spot at at the Swedish event.

The Australian team fought their way through the 16-team single-elimination bracket , knocking out EZG, Denial and ex-paiN before reaching the final.

jks played a great final versus Liquid

Liquid started out strongly as they secured Renegades’s pick, Mirage, by a 16-4 scoreline. Then, Justin “jks” Savage stepped up and inspired Renegades to turn the series around with 19-17 and 16-12 wins on Cobblestone and Train, respectively.

This means that Renegades will complete the team list for the Swedish event, which will run from  August 30 to September 3, with a total of $250,000 on offer. The following teams will be in attendance at the event:

Brazil SK Denmark Astralis
Europe FaZe France G2
Denmark North CIS Natus Vincere
Poland Sweden fnatic
United States OpTic Brazil Immortals
Kazakhstan Gambit Sweden NiP
Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S] Europe mousesports
France EnVyUs Australia Renegades


6 07, 2017


DreamHack has revealed the 12 teams invited to their Masters event in Malmö, Sweden, which will take place from August 30-September 3.

DreamHack Masters Malmö will be the first event after the player break in the first week of August, with $250,000 in prizemoney on the line from August 30 to September 3.

Earlier today, the organizers revealed all 12 invited teams for the Swedish event, which includes the current top five according to our ranking, SK, FaZe, Astralis, G2, and North, as well as last year’s champions NiP, among others.

NiP’s core are the reigning champions of the Malmö event

With B.O.O.T-d[S] already securing their place at the $250,000 event by defeating TyLoo in the grand final of the Asia-Oceania qualifier, the remaining three spots will go to Europe’s closed qualifier finalists and North America’s closed qualifier winner.

The open stage of both region’s qualifiers is set to be played on Sunday, July 9, while the closed stage will follow on Tuesday, July 11.

Here is the current team list for DreamHack Masters Malmö:

Brazil SK Denmark Astralis
Europe FaZe France G2
Denmark North CIS Natus Vincere
Poland Sweden fnatic
United States OpTic Brazil Immortals
Kazakhstan Gambit Sweden NiP
Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S] North America NA qualifier
Europe EU qualifier Europe EU qualifier


4 07, 2017


The former Singularity lineup has signed a two year deal with Tricked, as had reported last month.

After Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen and co. failed to reach an agreement with Tricked, the Danish organization set out to find a new lineup, which has now been confirmed is the former Singularity roster. The new Tricked lineup is currently playing this season of ESEA Main, and was last seen on LAN at DreamHack Summer, where they failed to get out of groups—albeit losing to teams like SK and mousesports.

The core of the new Tricked lineup lifted the trophy at CPH Games 2017 earlier this year

The team, which was spotted in Velje last month, whereTricked’s headquarters are, were there to bootcamp and figure out the team’s new structure after the departure ofAllan “AnJ” Jensen to North America. Morten Jensen,Tricked’s Sports Director, had this to say about the move:

“I’m happy to see Inzta back in Tricked, he has always been a pleasure working with and is a very dedicated player. We have tasted what it’s like as an organization, having a Top 30 team in world, so that will be our main goal to get back in that position and not let it be just an aftertaste. This team has a very different approach to the game than our last, so we also have to try and align our training to get the best performance out of them. I don’t think we have seen their true top level yet, and hopefully in our environment we can help them to grow stronger.”

Tricked’s new lineup now consists of:

Denmark Peter “Inzta” Kragelund
Denmark Thomas “Ryxxo” Nielsen
Denmark Mads “Console” Skovby
Denmark Lucas “Lukki” Pilheden
Denmark Ismail “refrezh” Ali


27 06, 2017


Cloud9 and Team Liquid have been invited to attend IEM Oakland, ESL has announced.

The North American duo join Astralis, FaZe, G2 and SK, who were all previously invited by ESL.

Both teams were last weekend in attendance at the ECS Season 3 Finals, in London. They were in the same group, with only Cloud9 managing to progress to the semi-finals, in which they would be defeated by FaZe.

Cloud9 confirmed at IEM Oakland

IEM Oakland will run from November 18-19 at the Oracle Arena, with $300,000 up for grabs. Two more teams will be determined by invites, while the remaining four sides will come from qualifiers, which have not yet been announced.

Below you can find a provisional list of participants for IEM Oakland:

Denmark Astralis Europe FaZe
Brazil SK France G2
United States Cloud9 United States Liquid
Other Invite Other Invite
Other Qualifier Other Qualifier
Other Qualifier Other Qualifier