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29 04, 2017

Fragadelphia 11 with $50k

Fragadelphia 11 will have $50,000 up for grabs, the event’s organizers have announced.

Taking place at the SunCenter Studios, in Philadelphia, the 11th iteration of Fragadelphia will be held as part of the N3rd Street Gamers Summer Championship, from 28-30 July.

A minimum of $50,000 has been guaranteed for the tournament, but the figure is likely to increase through donations and merchandise sale. The number of competing teams is capped at 64, but the organisation is considering expanding the tournament.

MAiNLiNE’s eUnited won Fragadelphia 10

Two qualifiers will be held in the weeks leading up to Fragadelphia 11 to give teams the chance to win free event entries plus cash prizes. The first one, an online qualifier for which teams can sign uphere, will run from May 15 to June 18 and will see 128 teams compete in a double-elimination bracket for the following prizes:

1. Entry + $1,750 in travel support
2. Entry + $1,000 in travel support
3. Entry

On July 24-25, a two-day LAN event called Road To NSGCS will be held in Philadelphia, with the following prizes up for grabs:

1. Entry + $1,000
2. Entry

eUnited won Fragadelphia 10, in January, after defeating Dethrone in the grand final, taking home the bulk of the tournament’s $30,000 prize pool.


27 04, 2017

emagine leaves Winterfox

Chris “emagine” Rowlands reveals his departure from the Aussie-Kiwi mixture, Winterfox.

After officially replacing Christopher “dexter” Nong with Razmik “RaZ” Bastadjan in February, which the Oceanic roster hoped their new AWPer would make them better in the long-run but the experiment has proved to be unsuccessful. Chris “emagine” Rowlands and crew have not attended an offline event since September last year at Northern Arena 2016 – Toronto (with dexter).

The team’s struggle to produce significant results continues as they fail to qualify for ECS Season 3 following an 8th place in the development league, and getting eliminated early in the Round of 16 of StarLadder i-League S3 North America qualifier.

Known for his time in Immunity, emagine departs Winterfox

Therefore, the line-up could only focus on competing in ESL Pro League S5. To make matters worse, the players were stuck in Oceania after the break and could not return back to their gaming house in Vegas, to finish off the remainder of their matches due to visa issues.

The players had no choice but to play from home at a ping disadvantage, and are currently standing in 13th place with a 2-18 W-L record. Ryan “zewsy” Palmer and co. still have to face OpTic, SK and ex-Selfless to finish off the season.

emagine reached out to to announce his departure:

“After exploring my options I have decided to leave Winterfox. It became apparent the dynamics in the team were clearly not conducive to our success. I wish my former teammates good luck in the future.”

“I would also like to thank Brian (Owner of Winterfox) for the opportunity and support during our time with the organization.”

“For now I will be weighing my options, interested parties can reach me at”

With signs of further changes to come, there is no confirmation on who the remaining players will use to stand-in for EPL and currently leaves Winterfox with the following:

Ryan “zewsy” Palmer
Razmik “RaZ” Bastadjan
Chris “ofnu” Hanley
Mike “Moku” Aliferis


26 04, 2017

ESL Polish Ch’ship finals with ~$18k

The four-team ESL Polish Championship Finals, which will have 70,000 PLN (~$18,000) on the line, is set to be played out this weekend (April 29-30).

Throughout the first three weeks of April, the online phase of ESL Polish Championship took place with eight teams split into two GSL groups.

In Group A, favorites Kinguin clinched first place and the second spot went to Izako Boars, while Group B saw PRIDE and ZWIERZETA (formerly known as ATB) grabbing their spots at the finals.

Kinguin are looking to defend their ESL Polish Championship title this weekend

The finals will take place this weekend, from April 29-30, in ESL studios in Katowice, with the four teams battling in a single elimination, best-of-three bracket.

Here is the schedule of the ESL Polish Championship Finals:

Saturday, April 29
10:00 Kinguin vs. ZWIERZETA
13:00 PRIDE vs. Izako Boars
Sunday, April 30
12:15 Grand final

The 70,000 PLN prize pot will be distributed as follows:

1. 40,000 PLN (~$10,300)
2. 20,000 PLN (~$5,150)
3-4. 5,000 PLN (~$1,300)


25 04, 2017

Epsilon release kalle

The Norwegian player Karl-William “kalle” Haraldsen will no longer be a part of Epsilon as the team will explore new options.

The Swedish squad Epsilon have announced on their website thatKarl-William “kalle” Haraldsen will no longer be a part of the team as he has been released with immediate effect.

Only two months ago the Norwegian player was acquired by Epsilonafter filling in for them as stand-in since November 2016, replacingJoakim “disco doplan” Gidetun, who had signed for fnatic.

kalle is no longer a part of Epsilon

During kalle’s time in the Swedish team, he helped them win the World Cyber Arena 2016 Finals with a 3-0 victory versusVG.CyberZen in the final.

At his last event with Epsilon, kalle and co. made it to the quarterfinals in the main tournament at Copenhagen Games 2017 before losing out to BIG.

Epsilon have not said much about the reason behind the release ofkalle but stated that the team will be looking into other options.

“The team have decided to explore new options and will be looking at alternatives over the coming days,” an Epsilon statement read.

“We would like to place on record our thanks to Kalle for his efforts during his time with the team and wish him luck in whatever he undertakes next.

“More information will be released as and when we have it. For the present time, the team are looking at options and seeing who would be a good fit for the team dynamics.”

That leaves Epsilon with only three members, who are the following:

André “BARBARR” Möller
 Fredrik “REZ” Sterner
 Fredrik “freddieb” Buö


24 04, 2017

SK win cs_summit over Gambit

SK triumphed at cs_summit with a 3-1 win over Gambit in the grand final (Inferno 10-16, Cache 16-2, Train 16-13).

The grand final began on Gambit’s first choice, Inferno, whereDanylo “Zeus” Teslenko’s squad got off to a 5-0 start as Terrorists.SK then got three in a row defending the B bombsite before another B take ended with the Brazilians saving three weapons.

Three more B executes later, SK picked up their first lead in the match at 7-6 thanks to Joao “felps” Vasconcellos’ triple breaking their opponents’ economy, while the last two rounds were split between the two teams.

In the second half, Gambit took their lead back with Zeus’ triple in the second pistol and a 1v2 from Rustem “mou” Telepov against a forcebuy. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s side then turned around a 3v4, but they had to eco once Gambit replied in the following round and went on to extend their lead to 13-9.

A 2v4 from Epitacio “TACO” de Melo and FalleN pushed SK to double digits, but they couldn’t string more rounds together yet again, asMihail “Dosia” Stolyarov and company finished off map one comfortably at 16-10.

SK back to winning ways with their first title since ESL One Cologne 2016

Cache was up next and it was SK as Terrorists getting a big lead early on that time after felps and Marcelo “coldzera” David won 1v1 clutches in the first two rounds, with the latter adding an ace to his name in the fourth round.

The best player of 2016 continued to rack up kills round after round, including two in a close 1v3 attempt that Gambit ended up winning in the end. That was the only round Zeus’s squad could muster up in the first ten, with SK breaking their economy time and time again.

Before the half ended, only one more round went Gambit’s way when Dosia put up a double when SK tried to run out door. By that time, coldzera was at 28 kills and broke 30 once the second pistol round was over, and his team picked up map two at 16-2.

SK continued with their fantastic form at the beginning of Train with Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and coldzera picking up a few multi-kills on their way to an 8-0 lead as Counter-Terrorists.

Abay “HObbit” Khasenov’s five kills over the next two rounds putGambit on the board, and Zeus’ quad-kill in the next made the score 8-4. The following round went the other way, but it wasGambit who closed out the half with two in a row for a respectable 6-9 half on the offense.

With a B retake, Gambit proceeded to close the gap and eventually grabbed their first lead in the 19th round. However, SK then started coming out on top of disadvantageous situations and went on a six-round streak, clinching match point at 15-11. Dosia then saved Gambit’s chances with a 1v2 clutch, but SK finished it off two rounds afterwards to hoist their first trophy in nine months.

cs_summit final standings:

1. SK – $63,750
2. Gambit – $33,750
3. OpTic – $19,500
4. Cloud9 – $15,000
5-6. NiP – $5,250
5-6. Liquid – $5,250
7-8. EnVyUs – $3,750
7-8. GODSENT – $3,750


22 04, 2017

PGL reveal EU Minor qualifiers

PGL have revealed the qualifying process for the PGL Europe Minor Championship, the stepping stone ahead of the next Major in Krakow.

The first stage of the qualifying process will feature four open, single-elimination qualifiers, taking place from April 27 to May 17, each of which will hand out two spots for the closed qualifier.

NiP will have to fight their way through the closed qualifier

A total of eight teams coming from the open stage will join eight invited sides in the closed qualifier, played in a Swiss format, with the top eight teams earning their place at the PGL Europe Minor.

The Minor itself is taking place from June 15-18 and will feature a GSL-style group stage followed by a double-elimination bracket.

The following teams have received an invite for the Swiss closed qualifier:

Epsilon Heroic
Kinguin LDLC
NiP Space Soldiers

Here is a complete schedule of the entire qualifying process:

April 27-29 Open qualifier #1
May 3-5 Open qualifier #2
May 8-10 Open qualifier #3
May 15-17 Open qualifier #4
May 20-21 Swiss closed qualifier
June 15-18 PGL Europe Minor Championship


20 04, 2017

G2 invited to ESL One Cologne

G2 have been confirmed as the seventh team to be present at ESL One Cologne in July.

G2 are joining NiP, SK, fnatic, Natus Vincere,, and FaZe in the team list for ESL’s next event, as revealed by the organization via social media.

shox & co. will be present at ESL One Cologne

Both G2 and EnVyUs went out in the group stages of the ESL One Cologne Major last year. Now, after having merged the teams into one, they will be looking to make an impact on German soil.

The event will once again take place at LANXESS Arena in Cologne and will be played in early July, but information about the format, prize pool, and group stage has yet to be revealed.

With G2 confirmed, this is the team list as of now:

SK fnatic
Natus Vincere
FaZe NiP


19 04, 2017

Gigatron Turnir u GamePub-u 23.April.2017

Bogata gejming godina je pred nama!

Imate savršenu priliku da iskrojite turnir po svojoj meri – izaberite igru i lokaciju, a Gigatron Masters će doći u vaš grad.

Gigatron Masters je velika serija turnira sa izuzetno vrednim nagradama i igrama po vašoj želji i u vašem gradu. Ideja je da damo priliku svim igračima i timovima da se pokažu baš u svom gradu. Planirano je preko 20 turnira u gradovima Srbije, a odluku koje igre će se igrati na turniru pravite baš vi – igrači!

Sve što je potrebno je da popunite anketu ispod sa vašim ili podacima vašeg tima, recite nam koju to igru igrate i u kojem gradu biste igrali – Gigatron će se pobrinuti za sve ostalo. Uskoro će biti objavljeno više informacija.

Prvo takmicenje ce se odrzati u Stadion Shopping Centru uz pomoc GamePub igraonice!

Gigatron Masters 2017 upitnik

Gigatron Masters 2017 je serija turnira u video igrama koji će se održati u preko 20 gradova u Srbiji od aprila do kraja novembra. Za najbolje su obezbeđene vredne nagrade: -1. mesto – 5x ASUS Cerberus miš + ASUS Cerberus tastatura -2. mesto – 5x ASUS Cerberus slušalice -3.

18 04, 2017

Space Soldiers invited to 4Gamers

Space Soldiers have been announced as the international invite for the 4Gamers OMEN CS:GO Masters.

The Turkish giants are the second confirmed team for the playoffs of the €10,000 (~$10,645) tournament, joining AlienTech, who recently topped the Upper Bracket of the Portuguese qualifier.

The final two teams will come from a best-of-one round-robin group stage played on site featuring k1ck, Exotic Island, FTW and eGeneration.

XANTARES & co to travel to Lisbon

This will be Space Soldiers’ first international event since recruiting 18-year-old talent Buğra “Calyx” Arkın from Turkish rivals ex-DarkPassage.

4Gamers will take place from May 6-7 at Sala Tejo inside MEO Arena, a multi-purpose venue located in Lisbon. In addition to the CS:GO tournament, there will be a League of Legends competition, with €8,000 (~$8,515) on offer.


16 04, 2017

Singularity win CPH Games

Singularity won the 2017 edition of Copenhagen Games after defeating Swedish mix dreamchasers 2-0 in the final (16-13 on Mirage and 16-12 on Nuke).

The Danish team had already caused a major upset in the last-four stage, beating German side BIG on just two maps to reach the final, just 48 hours after coming through the BYOC qualifier.

In the title decider, Singularity were pitted against Swedish mix team dreamchasers, featuring three members of GODSENT, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ backup member Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi and former Property member Joel “emilio” Mako.

Singularity shock the scene and win Copenhagen Games

The series began on Mirage, where dreamchasers got off to a great start, cruising to a 5-1 lead after losing the pistol round. Singularity then tightened their defence, with the half ending in a close 8-7 scoreline in favour of the Swedes.

Singularity came from the break looking very lively, winning five of the first six rounds to jump out to a 12-9 lead. dreamchasers would then win four in a row to retake the lead, but the Danes picked themselves up and took four rounds straight to lock down the map, 16-13.

Next up was Nuke, where the first half ended with dreamchasers taking a narrow 8-7 lead despite at one point being up 6-2. Now playing on the Terrorist side, Singularity won seven of the first nine rounds to bring the scoreline to a 14-9 advantage. With no room for error, dreamchasers still strung some rounds together, but there was no stopping the Danes.

Copenhagen Games 2017 Final Standings:

1. Singularity – €30,000 (~$31.840)
2. dreamchasers – €13,000 (~$13.800)
3-4. BIG – €5,000 (~$5.300)
3-4. Tricked – €5,000 (~$5.300)
5-8. Epsilon
5-8. NRG
5-8. North Academy
9-12. LDLC
9-12. eFuture
9-12. PRIDE
9-12. Plantronics
13-16. eXtatus
13-16.  fnatic Academy
13-16.  Defusekids
13-16.  Ambush