RESISTANCE defeated ZeroGP 2-1 (Cache 16-5, Cobblestone 14-16, Train 16-5) in the grand final of the South-East Europe WESG qualifier, earning a spot at the WESG EU&CIS Regional Finals LAN.

In the final of the WESG qualifier for South-East Europe, that featured teams from countries such as Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Greece and Israel, ZeroGP and RESISTANCEmade it to the grand final.

The Montenegrin side that features Nikola “Lobanjica”Mijomanović went through their side of the bracket defeatingSquared and MiDošli, while a mixed version ofRESISTANCE took down Netrunners in their semi-final matchup.

k1Ng0r (middle) and HOLMES (far right) attended last year’s WESG EU&CIS LAN

The first map of the grand final was Cache, RESISTANCE’s pick. The Serbian side started well, taking six out of the first nine rounds as Terrorists before Lobanjica stepped up with a hat-trick of frags with the M4A1 and ZeroGP got a clean round on the board.

ZeroGP followed that round up, making the score 6-5, but that was all they could get as CT’s on Cache, as Nemanja “k1Ng0r”Bošković’s side closed out the half 10-5. Double kills from both the 28-year-old and Petar “HOLMES” Dimitrijevićallowed RESISTANCE to retake A on the pistol, and they didn’t take their foot off the pedal after that, finishing the map 16-5.

It was quite a different story on Cobblestone, whereZeroGP got six rounds on the board before RESISTANCE could reply. A solid team performance saw the team from Montenegro run away with the lead, butRESISTANCE recovered from a 10-2 deficit by picking up the last three rounds of the half and making the comeback a possibility.

Pavle “Maden” Bošković and Miloš “Gigi” Racković picked up two apiece in the second pistol round to secure an 11-5 lead, but their side couldn’t build momentum as they lost the following anti-force to Aleksa “Impulse” Stankić’s CZ-75 3K. The score was 11-8 before ZeroGP could buy again, andVučeta “artie” Šćepanović instantly made an impact with the AK47, securing three to start a spree of round wins for his side.

From a 14-8 deficit, RESISTANCE fought back and almost made the comeback, largely thanks to Impulse’s 30-kill performance, but Lobanjica secured the map for his side with a crucial play in drop, making it 16-14 for ZeroGP.

HOLMES’ ninja defuse on the first round of Train set the scene for the decider map, as RESISTANCE ran away with the lead, going 9-1 up. Radomir “RaDe” Vučinić had a great round to add another one to ZeroGP’s tally, but they could only get up to four rounds before the switch. With the second pistol going RESISTANCE’s way as well, the Serbian side could easily close out the game and secure a spot at the WESG EU&CIS Regional Finals.