PGL have revealed the qualifying process for the PGL Europe Minor Championship, the stepping stone ahead of the next Major in Krakow.

The first stage of the qualifying process will feature four open, single-elimination qualifiers, taking place from April 27 to May 17, each of which will hand out two spots for the closed qualifier.

NiP will have to fight their way through the closed qualifier

A total of eight teams coming from the open stage will join eight invited sides in the closed qualifier, played in a Swiss format, with the top eight teams earning their place at the PGL Europe Minor.

The Minor itself is taking place from June 15-18 and will feature a GSL-style group stage followed by a double-elimination bracket.

The following teams have received an invite for the Swiss closed qualifier:

Epsilon Heroic
Kinguin LDLC
NiP Space Soldiers

Here is a complete schedule of the entire qualifying process:

April 27-29 Open qualifier #1
May 3-5 Open qualifier #2
May 8-10 Open qualifier #3
May 15-17 Open qualifier #4
May 20-21 Swiss closed qualifier
June 15-18 PGL Europe Minor Championship