paiN won the Americas Minor South America Qualifier after beating Merciless 2-0 in the grand final (19-16 on Train and 16-4 on Overpass).

PGL Major Krakow’s Americas Minor will feature two invited and six qualified teams and will take place from June 8-11. One qualification spot was given to the South American region where a 512-team open qualifier took place.

In the aforementioned open qualifier, paiN beat B-EFFECT in the quarter-finals and EN9MY in the semis to arrive at the grand final.Merciless became paiN’s opponent after defeating Innova and INTZin the quarter-finals and semis, respectively.

chelo & co. are through to the Minor

The grand final started on Train and went to overtime as both teams got ten rounds on the T-side. paiN took care of business in overtime and won the map 19-16.

Overpass, which was the second map of the series, wasn’t close.paiN led 14-1 at halftime with their dominating CT-side play. They won the map 16-4 and qualified for PGL Major Krakow’s Americas Minor.

paiN joined Immortals in the team list of the Americas Minor as the latter was invited. Four of the remaining five spots will be handed out in North American qualifiers while the last one will be an invitation spot. The top two teams at the Americas Minor will earn their place at the offline qualifier for the PGL Major Krakow.