Gambit came from behind to defeat Immortals 2-1 and win PGL Major Krakow.

The first map of the series was Cobblestone, Immortals’ pick, and it began with Immortals taking a 3-0 lead following three straight B executions. The first gun round then went Gambit’s way, and the only reason why Immortals did not rally back right after was that Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko toyed withHenrique “HEN1” Teles in the B site until the clock ran out.

Gambit were still finding their feet in the game when Immortals responded with another round, leaving the Kazakh team with no money in the bank. After calling a timeout at 2-5, Mihail “Dosia” Stolyarov pushed Gambit towards their third round victory with a quad kill inside B, but HEN1 responded with a 1v3 clutch to keep Immortals in control.

Whether they played fast or slow Counter-Strike, Immortals continued dictating the pace of the game and kept Gambit off any economic growth. The Brazilians limited their opponents to just three rounds, with HEN1 boasting 18 kills following a dream Terrorist side.

Now playing on the CT side, Immortals piled even more misery on Gambit by shutting them down while they attempted a fast A execution, with Lucas “steel” Lopes picking up three longe-range USP kills. The Brazilians followed that up with the next two rounds, hitting map point, and even though an all-out force-buy from Gambit still earned them a round, Immortals continued playing like a train with no brakes and quickly closed out the map.

Gambit were slaughtered on the first map but turned the series around

The next map, Train, began at a frantic pace, with rounds going back and forth as neither side managed to stamp their authority on the game. Gambit then excelled on the map and won five rounds straight as Immortals had no response to the Europeans’ quick executions.

The Brazilians finally put their foot down to hold back Gambit, stringing two rounds then, with Zeus denying Ricardo “boltz”Prass the chance to clutch a 1v3 situation in the following round. The 20-year-old looked unfazed and bounced back with a sensational quad kill, with Vito “kNgV-“ Giuseppeemulating his teammate in the next round with an AWP. Immortals would go on to reduce the gap to a minimum, but Gambit took the final two rounds to secure a 9-6 lead.

boltz fired Immortals up with a triple p250 kill in the second pistol round of the game. After buying up, Gambit took control of the game by winning three rounds with no response, bringing the scoreline to 12-9. A scrappy period of play then followed, but a triple-kill from Rustem “mou”Telepov in a partial buy gave Gambit their 14th round and left Immortals with no money to attempt a comeback.

Immortals finish second at their first-ever Major

The first half of Inferno was a one-way street from the get-go, with Gambit jumping out to a 5-0 lead on the CT side. Immortals then finally managed to break through the CT’s defence, overturning a 3v5 situation against all odds, but they got shut down in the following round while pushing B, whereDauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev got three kills to his name.

Every time that Immortals got a round, they were instantly reset, which allowed Gambit to increase their lead to 10-2. The Brazilians then won two rounds in a row, the second of which thanks to a quad-kill from kNgV-, before the Kazakh team bagged the final round of the half to secure an 11-4 lead.

A great start from Immortals on the CT side saw them win four rounds without response. Adrenaline was running high at the TAURON Arena, and then the crowd erupted as Abay“HObbit” Khasenov gave Gambit their first round of the half with a sensational 1v3 clutch.

That was a start of a great run from the Kazakh team, who brought the scoreline to 14-9. The next round went Immortals’ way, but the Brazilians would soon be left with no cash after losing a 4v2 against Dosia and HObbit. That ended up being the final nail in the Brazilians’ coffin as they were helpless to prevent Gambit from taking the map.

1. Kazakhstan Gambit – $500,000 + “Legend” status
2. Brazil Immortals – $150,000 + “Legend” status
3-4. Denmark Astralis – $70,000 + “Legend” status
3-4. Poland – $70,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Sweden fnatic – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Brazil SK – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Germany BIG – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. Denmark North – $35,000 + “Legend” status
9-11. France G2 – $8,750
9-11. United States Cloud9 – $8,750
9-11. CIS FlipSid3 – $8,750
12-14. CIS Natus Vincere – $8,750
12-14. Europe mousesports – $8,750
12-14. Europe PENTA – $8,750
15-16. Europe FaZe – $8,750
15-16. Russia Vega Squadron – $8,750