Fragadelphia 11 will have $50,000 up for grabs, the event’s organizers have announced.

Taking place at the SunCenter Studios, in Philadelphia, the 11th iteration of Fragadelphia will be held as part of the N3rd Street Gamers Summer Championship, from 28-30 July.

A minimum of $50,000 has been guaranteed for the tournament, but the figure is likely to increase through donations and merchandise sale. The number of competing teams is capped at 64, but the organisation is considering expanding the tournament.

MAiNLiNE’s eUnited won Fragadelphia 10

Two qualifiers will be held in the weeks leading up to Fragadelphia 11 to give teams the chance to win free event entries plus cash prizes. The first one, an online qualifier for which teams can sign uphere, will run from May 15 to June 18 and will see 128 teams compete in a double-elimination bracket for the following prizes:

1. Entry + $1,750 in travel support
2. Entry + $1,000 in travel support
3. Entry

On July 24-25, a two-day LAN event called Road To NSGCS will be held in Philadelphia, with the following prizes up for grabs:

1. Entry + $1,000
2. Entry

eUnited won Fragadelphia 10, in January, after defeating Dethrone in the grand final, taking home the bulk of the tournament’s $30,000 prize pool.