Just 24 hours after revealing that the new Dust2 would soon hit the beta depot, Valve has released the map.

In February Dust2 was replaced by Inferno in the active map pool, and since then one of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike history has been under rework and it seems to be almost done now.

According to Valve, it is “an updated, refined version” but at first sight, it looks like the old Dust2 – just with new textures and minor changes.

Many expected the skybox above tunnels to be removed to make it possible to throw grenades over the roof, but this is not the case for the map yet as the skybox still appears.

We have collected some photos of the new map below here:

A site



Lower tunnel

Upper tunnel

B site

New models

The reworked Dust2 is still in beta, making it not possible to play yet unless you go to Library and right click on CS:GO and choose Properties. Then you navigate to the Beta tab and choose to download

Valve is looking for feedback on the map, which will be continuously updated in the coming months.