NRG will finalize their roster by adding another European player, the former Outlaws member Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov, has learned.

Damian “daps” Steele’s squad went down to four members at the end of last month, when Peter “ptr” Gurney stepped down from NRG’s active roster. The North American AWPerfound himself a new home two weeks later, signing forcompLexity, while NRG took a bit more to secure their fifth.

However, the acquisition of Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov will complete their lineup, with the 17-year-old Bulgarian set to represent NRG in the upcoming season of ESL Pro League.CeRq, who has made a name for himself in Outlaws, currently sits on a 1.20 rating with 301 maps played, but will have to prove his worth against tougher opposition soon.

The Bulgarian prodigy will be filling the AWPing role for NRG

Just a couple of months ago, we’ve outlined CeRq’s talents in our first “One for the future” article, and the Bulgarian mentioned that he plans to go international somewhere down the line. It seems that that plan came to fruition sooner than expected, as NRG added him to their roster that now features three North American and two European players.

NRG is now:

Canada Damian “daps” Steele
United States Jacob “FugLy” Medina
United States Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte
Denmark Allan “AnJ” Jensen
Bulgaria Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov