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PGL reveal EU Minor qualifiers

PGL have revealed the qualifying process for the PGL Europe Minor Championship, the stepping stone ahead of the next Major in Krakow.

The first stage of the qualifying process will feature four open, single-elimination qualifiers, taking place from April 27 to May 17, each of which will hand out two spots for the closed qualifier.

NiP will have to fight their way through the closed qualifier

A total of eight teams coming from the open stage will join eight invited sides in the closed qualifier, played in a Swiss format, with the top eight teams earning their place at the PGL Europe Minor.

The Minor itself is taking place from June 15-18 and will feature a GSL-style group stage followed by a double-elimination bracket.

The following teams have received an invite for the Swiss closed qualifier:

Epsilon Heroic
Kinguin LDLC
NiP Space Soldiers

Here is a complete schedule of the entire qualifying process:

April 27-29 Open qualifier #1
May 3-5 Open qualifier #2
May 8-10 Open qualifier #3
May 15-17 Open qualifier #4
May 20-21 Swiss closed qualifier
June 15-18 PGL Europe Minor Championship


G2 invited to ESL One Cologne

G2 have been confirmed as the seventh team to be present at ESL One Cologne in July.

G2 are joining NiP, SK, fnatic, Natus Vincere,, and FaZe in the team list for ESL’s next event, as revealed by the organization via social media.

shox & co. will be present at ESL One Cologne

Both G2 and EnVyUs went out in the group stages of the ESL One Cologne Major last year. Now, after having merged the teams into one, they will be looking to make an impact on German soil.

The event will once again take place at LANXESS Arena in Cologne and will be played in early July, but information about the format, prize pool, and group stage has yet to be revealed.

With G2 confirmed, this is the team list as of now:

SK fnatic
Natus Vincere
FaZe NiP


Gigatron Turnir u GamePub-u 23.April.2017

Bogata gejming godina je pred nama!

Imate savršenu priliku da iskrojite turnir po svojoj meri – izaberite igru i lokaciju, a Gigatron Masters će doći u vaš grad.

Gigatron Masters je velika serija turnira sa izuzetno vrednim nagradama i igrama po vašoj želji i u vašem gradu. Ideja je da damo priliku svim igračima i timovima da se pokažu baš u svom gradu. Planirano je preko 20 turnira u gradovima Srbije, a odluku koje igre će se igrati na turniru pravite baš vi – igrači!

Sve što je potrebno je da popunite anketu ispod sa vašim ili podacima vašeg tima, recite nam koju to igru igrate i u kojem gradu biste igrali – Gigatron će se pobrinuti za sve ostalo. Uskoro će biti objavljeno više informacija.

Prvo takmicenje ce se odrzati u Stadion Shopping Centru uz pomoc GamePub igraonice!

Gigatron Masters 2017 upitnik

Gigatron Masters 2017 je serija turnira u video igrama koji će se održati u preko 20 gradova u Srbiji od aprila do kraja novembra. Za najbolje su obezbeđene vredne nagrade: -1. mesto – 5x ASUS Cerberus miš + ASUS Cerberus tastatura -2. mesto – 5x ASUS Cerberus slušalice -3.

Space Soldiers invited to 4Gamers

Space Soldiers have been announced as the international invite for the 4Gamers OMEN CS:GO Masters.

The Turkish giants are the second confirmed team for the playoffs of the €10,000 (~$10,645) tournament, joining AlienTech, who recently topped the Upper Bracket of the Portuguese qualifier.

The final two teams will come from a best-of-one round-robin group stage played on site featuring k1ck, Exotic Island, FTW and eGeneration.

XANTARES & co to travel to Lisbon

This will be Space Soldiers’ first international event since recruiting 18-year-old talent Buğra “Calyx” Arkın from Turkish rivals ex-DarkPassage.

4Gamers will take place from May 6-7 at Sala Tejo inside MEO Arena, a multi-purpose venue located in Lisbon. In addition to the CS:GO tournament, there will be a League of Legends competition, with €8,000 (~$8,515) on offer.


Singularity win CPH Games

Singularity won the 2017 edition of Copenhagen Games after defeating Swedish mix dreamchasers 2-0 in the final (16-13 on Mirage and 16-12 on Nuke).

The Danish team had already caused a major upset in the last-four stage, beating German side BIG on just two maps to reach the final, just 48 hours after coming through the BYOC qualifier.

In the title decider, Singularity were pitted against Swedish mix team dreamchasers, featuring three members of GODSENT, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ backup member Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi and former Property member Joel “emilio” Mako.

Singularity shock the scene and win Copenhagen Games

The series began on Mirage, where dreamchasers got off to a great start, cruising to a 5-1 lead after losing the pistol round. Singularity then tightened their defence, with the half ending in a close 8-7 scoreline in favour of the Swedes.

Singularity came from the break looking very lively, winning five of the first six rounds to jump out to a 12-9 lead. dreamchasers would then win four in a row to retake the lead, but the Danes picked themselves up and took four rounds straight to lock down the map, 16-13.

Next up was Nuke, where the first half ended with dreamchasers taking a narrow 8-7 lead despite at one point being up 6-2. Now playing on the Terrorist side, Singularity won seven of the first nine rounds to bring the scoreline to a 14-9 advantage. With no room for error, dreamchasers still strung some rounds together, but there was no stopping the Danes.

Copenhagen Games 2017 Final Standings:

1. Singularity – €30,000 (~$31.840)
2. dreamchasers – €13,000 (~$13.800)
3-4. BIG – €5,000 (~$5.300)
3-4. Tricked – €5,000 (~$5.300)
5-8. Epsilon
5-8. NRG
5-8. North Academy
9-12. LDLC
9-12. eFuture
9-12. PRIDE
9-12. Plantronics
13-16. eXtatus
13-16.  fnatic Academy
13-16.  Defusekids
13-16.  Ambush


FaZe win StarSeries Season 3 Finals

FaZe have won SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals after a nail-biting final against Astralis (2-1; Mirage 14-16, Nuke 16-6, Inferno 19-17).

FaZe continued with their fantastic record in pistol rounds withHåvard “rain” Nygaard and Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey combining for five kills on the T side of Mirage. The next two were split, which meantAstralis had to eco, but the Danes came on top of that one thanks to defending the B bombsite.

With that, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander’s men managed to climb to their first lead on the map at 5-4 following a defuse in a smoke when the team was at a disadvantage. FaZe then attempted a couple of splits, one to each bombsite, but only the first worked out while Astralis got to 7-5.

Nevertheless, FaZe were the ones to get away with the better half, grabbing the last three rounds for a 8-7 scoreline.

device’s 1v3 clutch turned the tide on Mirage

Yet another pistol round win saw FaZe reach 11 rounds beforeNicolai “device” Reedtz clutched 1v3 with a stolen AWP and smart play around a smoke. The rounds then kept going back and forth until it was 13-13 shortly after another forcebuy win going Astralis’ way.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovač’s huge double due to a timely push from underpass saved FaZe from having to eco, but their economy was in shambles anyway once the Danish side equalized the score again at 14-14 with an A execute. Fighting only against pistols during the remaining two rounds, device & company clinched map one at 16-14.

Another clean pistol at the beginning of Nuke gave FaZe a 4-0 lead early on, starting as Counter-Terrorists. gla1ve then saved a 1v3 attempt from kioShiMa on lower for Astralis’ first round, which turned into three soon after.

Doubles from the Frenchman and rain stopped the short-lived streak and FaZe went on to rack up several rounds in a row withAleksi “allu” Jalli putting up a quad-kill and NiKo chiming in with three kills later on. That gave the IEM Katowice runners-up a fantastic 11-4 half.

The second pistol round going their way as well with kioShiMagrabbing another big multi-kill left Astralis with all but zero room for error. FaZe took very little time to finish off map two, winning 16-6 to force the decider, Inferno.

karrigan’s side delivered a message on Nuke

karrigan’s side delivered a message on Nuke

FaZe didn’t manage to win their sixth pistol in the series, but they did win the following force on the back of three kills from NiKo. After the European mixture won three out of the next four rounds,Astralis picked up a round with a poor forcebuy which rockestarted them into the half.

Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s squad couldn’t find a way past the Danes’ defences for the rest of the half with the exception of just one round, as Astralis switched over with a very comfortable 10-5.

FaZe got the much-needed pistol afterwards after three players waited in CT spawn for the information to come in, closing the gap to three rounds. They then had to save three guns due to losing the B bombsite without trades, and those weapons helped them eliminate all money on Astralis’ side in the following rounds despite losing it in the end.

That in turn gave FaZe the economical advantage once they clinched the next round and once again found themselves just two rounds away from tying their opponents at 12-10. Multi-kills fromdevice and made it 14-10, but FaZe didn’t give up and replied with a forcebuy win.

After a poor force and an eco, Astralis showcased their signature methodical play to clinch match point, but they couldn’t win either of the last two rounds as the match went into overtime. There, the European side stuck to their double AWP setup but got only one round with it thanks to allu’s opening double in mid. However, FaZegrabbed three in a row on the T side to clinch their first big trophy at 19-17.

PotM: Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey was not only FaZe’s top fragger in the series, he also had the most kills in the rounds they won on Inferno and Nuke (37-12 score in those rounds). Contributing in 91% of rounds on Nuke and 81% on Inferno, the Frenchman’s consistency earned him the Player of the Match award.

Final standings of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals:

1. FaZe – $125,000
2. Astralis – $50,000
3-4. Natus Vincere – $25,000
3-4. HellRaisers – $25,000
5-8. fnatic – $10,000
5-8. CLG – $10,000
5-8. G2 – $10,000
5-8. North – $10,000
9-11. Immortals – $6,000
9-11. SK – $6,000
9-11. NiP – $6,000
12-14. MVP Project – $4,000
12-14. – $4,000
12-14. Gambit – $4,000
15-16. TyLoo – $2,500
15-16. UYA – $2,500


Chiefs win Acer CGPL Finals

Chiefs triumph over AVANT GARDE 2-0 in the grand final of the Acer CyberGamer Premier League Autumn LAN Finals (16-8 de_nuke and 16-11 de_mirage).

Following the completion of a busy six-week schedule of online matches, four Oceanic teams from the 8-team online league qualified for the one-day event in Adelaide, Australia at the organizer’s new studio.

Today marked the Australian organisation’s 10th year anniversary celebration, which kicked off the day with Peter “pecks” Nguyen’s Chiefs roster defeating Legacy 16-12 in the best-of-one upper bracket semi. In the other semi-final, Erka “erkaSt” Gantulga’s Immunity lost to AVANT GARDE 5-16 due to a dominating 11-4 T half by Chris “yellow” McGillivray’s side and his 1v3 clutch on match point to seal the deal.

Chiefs secure their first CGPL trophy

After being sent to the lower bracket, Immunity woke up and eliminated Kyran “dizzy” Crombie’s Legacy in two straight maps in the best-of-three series. Mohammed “MoeycQ” Tizani and co. advanced to the consolidation final to meet Chiefs, who fell short against AVANT GARDE in the UB final on Train, 13-16. The rivalry went in the way of Chiefs as Tyler “tucks” Reilly and his boys grabbed the 2-0 victory in quick fashion.

Chiefs burst open with a 3-0 lead after claiming the first pistol round without losing a single member in the first map of the grand final. However, thanks to a 1v1 clutch from Jordan “Hatz” Bajic in the upper bombsite of Nuke, AVANT GARDE got their first two rounds on the board. The half ended 8-7 in the way of Josh “INS” Potter’s squad, and found themselves widening their lead on the favoured CT side, taking the first map 16-8.

Simon “Sico” Williams’ team bounced back on Mirage with a solid 10-5 T half. The young guns from Chiefs managed to secure the important second pistol round and comfortably closed the gap to 10-all. Liam “malta” Schembri’s side increased their lead by four rounds before AVANT GARDE could finally claim one round on their weak defensive side. Unfortunately, it was too late for them to get back in the game as Chiefs successfully complete their revenge by winning the map 16-11.

1. Chiefs – $5,501 AUD (~$4,155 USD)
2. AVANT GARDE – $2,500 AUD (~$1,890 USD)
3. Immunity – $1,000 AUD (~$755 USD)
4. Legacy – $1,000 AUD (~$755 USD)
5-6. SYF
5-6. Cypher
7-8. Alpha Sydney
7-8. Corvidae


London to stage ECS S3 finals

The offline finals of the third season of the Esports Championship Series (ECS) will be held at the SSE Arena, in London, the league’s organizers have announced.

The prestigious indoor arena, previously known as Wembley Arena, already hosted the first edition of ECS, last summer, which saw G2 take the title after beating Luminosity Gaming in the final.

ECS returns to the SSE Arena, in London

Last week, revealed that the prize pool for ECS Season 3 would remain unchanged and that the league would culminate with an offline event from June 24-25, with eight teams in attendance.

Tickets for the ECS Season 3 finals are already on sale

Meanwhile, ECS has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Esports Arena, a 15,000 square foot venue located in Santa Ana, California.  The arena, which hosted the 2015 iBUYPOWER Cup, will stage next month a $20,000 competition called the Esports Arena Showdown Championship, for which Denial and Splyce are already confirmed.

Through this partnership, Esports Arena will stage live mid-season ECS events in the future. Quizzed by, an Esports Arena spokesperson stated that details about its first ECS tournament are being finalized and that an announcement is forthcoming.


starix to step down as Na`Vi coach

Natus Vincere coach Sergey “starix” Ischuk has stepped down from his role in the team, has learned.

The 29-year-old is currently on leave, with his future role being unclear at this moment. He is currently replaced by team analystAndrey “Andi” Prokhorov, who, in his Steam profile, describes himself as “Na´Vi’s CS:GO coach & analyst”.

Andi joined Na`Vi’s ESEA roster on Wednesday and was in the game server coaching the team in Thursday’s ESL Pro League fixtures. This morning, he wrote on Twitter that “now it’s time”, having “been hiding in the shadows for a long time”.

Na`Vi have been tipped to undergo roster changes after a run of poor form that has seen the team win just one event – ESL One New York – in the last 12 months.

starix has been the team’s coach for two years

But it seems now that the current roster may be given another chance, with Na`Vi instead choosing to revamp the backroom staff by replacing Sergey “starix” Ischuk, who has been the team’s coach since March 2015.

The CIS team were recently in action at IEM Katowice, where they were knocked out in the quarter-finals by eventual champions Astralis. They currently sit fifth in the ESL Pro League, on a 4-2 record, with their next offline event being the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 finals, taking place from April 4-9 in Kiev.


Secret win Intel Challenge 2017

Secret defeated dignitas 2-0 (16-4 on Train and 16-12 on Nuke) in the grand final of Intel Challenge Katowice 2017 and thus continue their reign over the female Counter-Strike circuit.

Secret, the European powerhouse female team who put a capstone on 2016 with victories at both ESWC 2016 and Intel Challenge Katowice 2016, came into the $30,000 2017 version of the Intel Challenge in Katowice, Poland as heavy favourites to take home gold.

Zainab “zAAz” Turkie & co. easily made semifinals of the eight team tournament alongside their known and prevalent North American competition in the forms of CLG Red and dignitas (the latter team having recently signed the Selfless Gaming roster), in addition to majority German team expert.

vilga showcased a stalwart performance for Secret in the grand final

With dignitas edging out CLG Red on the other side of the semifinals bracket, Petra “Petra” Stoker and crew of expert surprisingly gave Secret a run for their money with a 16-10 victory on the first map of Cache in the second semifinal but Secret eventually closed out the series 2-1 and moved into the grand final.

There were less surprises in the grand final where, following a 16-4 wipe over dignitas on their map pick of Train, Secret took down their rivals 16-12 on their map pick of Nuke and secured victory, with Ksenia “vilga” Kluenkova putting on a dominant 1.90 rating and 129.1 ADR in the grand final.

Intel Challenge Katowice 2017 final standings:

1. Secret fe – $15,000
2. Dignitas fe – $8,000
3-4. CLG Red – $3,500
3-4. expert fe – $3,500
5-6. LDLC fe
5-6. Vexed fe
7-8. EYESports fe
7-8. silhouette