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Cloud9 and Team Liquid have been invited to attend IEM Oakland, ESL has announced.

The North American duo join Astralis, FaZe, G2 and SK, who were all previously invited by ESL.

Both teams were last weekend in attendance at the ECS Season 3 Finals, in London. They were in the same group, with only Cloud9 managing to progress to the semi-finals, in which they would be defeated by FaZe.

Cloud9 confirmed at IEM Oakland

IEM Oakland will run from November 18-19 at the Oracle Arena, with $300,000 up for grabs. Two more teams will be determined by invites, while the remaining four sides will come from qualifiers, which have not yet been announced.

Below you can find a provisional list of participants for IEM Oakland:

Denmark Astralis Europe FaZe
Brazil SK France G2
United States Cloud9 United States Liquid
Other Invite Other Invite
Other Qualifier Other Qualifier
Other Qualifier Other Qualifier



SK Gaming came from behind to defeat FaZe on three maps and win the ECS Season 3 title.

The series began on SK’s map pick, Mirage, but the early stages would have suggested otherwise as FaZe cruised to a 10-2 lead. It all began with an A push from the European team in the pistol round, with Nikola “NiKo” Kovač picking up three stunning headshots.

The first full gun round also went FaZe’s way, courtesy of a quad kill from Håvard “rain” Nygaard, but SK rallied back on a force buy. FaZe responded by taking the next round, breaking SK’s economy by denying the Brazilians the chance to save weapons.

SK would go on to take a second round, thanks to a quad kill from João “felps” Vasconcellos, but once again they were unable to capitalise on that. With the scoreline 10-2, the Brazilians finally managed to string rounds together, winning the final three rounds of the half to keep their hopes alive.

Fernando “fer” Alvarenga opened up the second half with an entry frag on A before picking up three more frags near the jungle area. The Brazilians continued amassing rounds and eventually restored parity at 11-11.

It looked like FaZe had no response to SK’s pace, but then the game took a turn. With a triple kill on B, Fabien “kioShiMa”Fiey put FaZe back in the lead, with rain following that up with a trio of kills of his own on the other site. SK still called a timeout in an attempt to halt FaZe’s momentum, but the damage was done: the European team would go on to win the next three rounds in convincing fashion to lock down the map, 16-11.

SK secure ECS title in dramatic fashion after winning two maps in OT

The next map, Inferno, began with a flawless B execute from FaZe, who also picked up both anti-eco rounds. After losing the first gun round, FaZe restored a three-round lead with an A execute, but then they were torn apart on their way to B, where Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo secured three frags with the AWP.

What followed was a very dominant period from FaZe, who won seven of the next nine rounds, with fer ending the half on 21 frags.

FalleN went huge in the pistol round as Terrorists, picking up an ace, but it was all for naught as he could not kill the defuser on time in a 1v2 situation. SK hit back on a force buy, which propelled them into a 12-7 lead.

FaZe then tightened up their defence, winning five of the next six rounds to bring the deficit to a minimum. With a force buy, SK got their 14th round of the game and left FaZe strapped for cash. It looked like the map was about to come to an end, but the game took yet another surprising twist as FaZe pulled one back with a B stack on eco.

The European team went on to reach match point but they could not deal the finishing blow, wasting a 4v2 advantage in the final round to let the game go to overtime, in which SK would secure the win with a flawless CT display.

FaZe were one round away from victory but could not close it out

The final map of the series was Train, where the first-half was a one-sided affair from the get-go. SK jumped out to a commanding 11-0 lead as FaZe simply could not find a way through the brick wall that was the Brazilians’ defence.

After calling a timeout, FaZe finally got a round on the board in a force-buy, and they followed that up with a gun round thanks to three quick kills from Aleksi “allu” Jalli with an AWP. But that was as far as they would go as SK bagged the final two rounds of the half to take a 13-2 half-time lead.

And that was when insanity began. FaZe put on a near-flawless display on the CT side, giving SK Gaming very little room to operate. Once again, the European team reached match point, only to be caught out in the final round.

The first half of overtime ended with FaZe taking two rounds. The second half went down to the wire, with SK securing three straight rounds to seal a 19-17 victory.

ECS Season 3 Finals standings:

1. Brazil SK – $250,000
2. Europe FaZe – $120,000
3-4. Denmark Astralis – $65,000
3-4. United States Cloud9 – $65,000
5-6. France G2 – $45,000
5-6. United States Liquid – $45,000
7-8. United States OpTic – $35,000
7-8. Sweden fnatic – $35,000



Former Made in Brazil and NoA player Jonas “bsl” Alsaker Vikan has announced that he has accepted a position at ESL.

In an interview with, the former player revealed that he will leave Trondheim-based newspaper Adresseavisen to work with ESL at the company’s office, in Cologne, and on site at the various events the company hosts worldwide.

Jonas “bsl” Alsaker Vikan did not specify which role he will be responsible for, but understands that he has been offered an important position within ESL’s esports staff.

bsl will be part of ESL’s esports staff

The news marks the 35-year-old’s return to esports, almost a decade after he retired as a player. During his career, he most notably played for Made in Brazil, Catch Gamer and NoA, attending multiple CPL events and also WEG Season 2.

After hanging up his mouse, he worked as General Manager of the Championship Gaming Series (CGS) franchise Berlin Allianz before he started reporting for Adresseavisen, for which he has since won several national awards. In 2013, he was the desk host at DreamHack Winter, the first Counter-Strike Major, where fnatic were crowned champions.

More details about bsl’s appointment will be announced by ESL on August 1, when he will officially start working with the company. This means that the 35-year-old will not be involved in the $250,000 ESL One Cologne, which will run from July 7-9.


mousesports to ESL One Cologne

mousesports are the latest team confirmed for ESL One Cologne, the event’s organisers have announced.

mousesports, who made their offline debut at DreamHack Tours last weekend, taking third-fourth, have become the 11th team invited to the prestigious $250,000 competition.

Later this month, the European mixture will be in attendance at the ESL Pro League Season 5 finals, in Dallas, after finishing in third place in the European division, with a 16-10 record.

chrisJ & co. will compete in Cologne

The announcement means that there is now just one invite left to be determined. The final four spots will be filled through qualifiers held in three regions, two of which are already known: Europe and North America. Details about the third regional qualifier will be unveiled soon.

ESL One Cologne will take place in early July, with the playoffs running from 7-9 at LANXESS Arena. Below you can find the updated team list for the event:

SK fnatic Natus Vincere
FaZe NiP G2 North
Cloud9 Immortals mousesports Invite
EU qual. EU qual. NA qual. TBA


SK beat FaZe to win IEM Sydney

SK Gaming have won IEM Sydney after defeating FaZe 3-1 in the title decider (16-12 on Train, 16-7 on Cache, 13-16 on Inferno and 16-11 on Overpass).

The series kicked off on Train, FaZe’s map pick, but it was SK who looked the livelier right from the start as they got out to a 3-0 lead after winning the pistol round with an A split, with Marcelo “coldzera” David picking up three kills.

FaZe then won the first gun round thanks to two key frags fromHåvard “rain” Nygaard, cutting off the rotation from the CTs, but then they had to deal with a hard reset as SK took the next round. That would be the pattern for the rest of the half as every time FaZe won a round they were instantly countered by the Brazilians, who took a commanding 12-3 lead.

The second half began with FaZe winning a messy pistol with a defuse through a smoke grenade. After planting the bomb while on eco, SK got their first round of the half, but they were instantly reset as FaZe won the next round thanks to three quick kills fromNikola “NiKo” Kovač.

Finn “karrigan” Andersen then went huge, picking up back-to-back triple kills, with Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey following that up with a 1v2 clutch. With a trio of kills, Joao “felps” Vasconcellos powered SK to hit 14 rounds, but FaZe regained control of the game and brought the deficit to just two rounds.

SK Gaming win IEM title

The momentum was now firmly with FaZe, but SK were not going to let a comeback happen, winning two rounds in a row, the second of which in a 2v4 situation, to lock down the map and take the lead in the series.

Next up was Cache, which saw FaZe get out to a 3-0 lead on the CT side after denying SK’s A push in the pistol round. However, once we reached the gun rounds the impetus of the game changed completely: they won 11 of the next 12 rounds as FaZe simply could not keep up with their blistering pace.

Now playing on the CT side, SK further added to their lead by taking the pistol round, but then FaZe hit back on a force buy thanks to a fantastic Desert Eagle shot from NiKo, which opened up the map for them.

FaZe followed that up with two more rounds, bringing the scoreline to 7-13, but SK tightened up their defence, winning four rounds in a row to take the map at 16-7.

FalleN was on fire on Cache

FaZe got off to a flying start on Inferno, winning the opening six rounds to put SK in danger of getting blown out. After getting their economy in order, SK won their first round of the map thanks to three AWP kills from coldzera, with Fernando “fer” Alvarenga winning two 1v1 situations against Aleksi “allu” Jalli in the subsequent rounds.

Money remained low on SK’s side after two close rounds, so when FaZe got their seventh round on the board, the Brazilians had to eco. The scoreline bloomed to a 9-3 advantage for FaZe, forcing SK to call a tactical pause. The short break allowed the Brazilians to halt FaZe’s momentum as they picked up two much-need rounds to bring the scoreline to 5-10.

SK got out to a fantastic start on the Terrorist side, winning eight of the first ten rounds to take the lead for the first time on this map. It looked like SK had the game in the bag, but a 1v2 clutch from rain helped FaZe to swing the tides back in their favour, with the European team following it up with three more rounds to seal a 16-13 victory.

FaZe got off to a flying start on Inferno, winning the opening six rounds to put SK in danger of getting blown out. After getting their economy in order, SK won their first round of the map thanks to three AWP kills from coldzera, with fer winning two 1v1 situations against allu in the subsequent rounds.
Money remained low on SK’s side after two close rounds, so when FaZe got their seventh round on the board, the Brazilians had to eco. The scoreline bloomed to a 9-3 advantage for FaZe, forcing SK to call a tactical pause. The short break allowed the Brazilians to halt FaZe’s momentum as they picked up two much-need rounds to bring the scoreline to 5-10.
SK got out to a fantastic start on the Terrorist side, winning eight of the first ten rounds to take the lead for the first time on this map. It looked like SK had the game in the bag, but a 1v2 clutch from rain helped FaZe to swing the tides back in their favour, with the European team following it up with three more rounds to seal a 16-13 victory.

rain’s 1v2 clutch turned the game on its head

IEM Sydney final standings

1. – SK – $100,000
2. – FaZe – $40,000
3-4. OpTic – $20,000
3-4. Astralis – $20,000
5. Chiefs – $7,500
6-7. North – $4,750
6-7. Renegades – $4,750
8. ViCi – $3,000


FaZe to IEM final over AST

FaZe are the second team to advance to the IEM Sydney finals after beating Astralis 2-1 in a thrilling series (16-13 on Cobblestone, 11-16 on Nuke and 16-9 on Train).

After playing each other in the Round 2 of the Swiss stage, FaZeand Astralis met again, this time for a place at the IEM Sydney finals. It all started on Cobblestone, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander’s men pick, with Aleksi “allu” Jalli killing four to help his team secure their Terrorist pistol round.

As well as in the first round, FaZe continued to consequently execute B, including in the first gun round, which the Danes were able to win. Despite it, the European mixture quickly reached the five rounds, but couldn’t win the anti-eco in the following one –Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye closed it off in an 1v2 with an AK he picked in the beginning of the round.

With 28 kills and an 115 ADR, rain led the way for FaZe on Cobble

In the next round, FaZe did not execute B for the first time: Håvard “rain” Nygaard opened the way for his team at A with a fast quad-kill to secure a 6-2 lead. With their economy broken and failing to find key kills, Astralis only managed to get one more round in the first half – a pistol B stack in the 12th round.

In a slow-paced pistol round, the Danes executed B and got the first two kills. However, their adversaries traded other two and, from that point, Kjaerbye was left alone against three and almost pulled it off, but rain clutched the 1v1 to guarantee a triple-kill and the CT-side pistol for his team.

Astralis were down 3-13 and had to force-buy in order to stay alive on Cobblestone, which they did with a well-succeeded fast A execution. Despite having a double-AWP setup, FaZe lost their buy in the 22nd round after a 3v5 that Nicolai “device” Reedtz finished with an 1v2 clutch.

Even though allu did four opening kills during his opponents’ round streak, the Danes kept on winning eight rounds in a row. FaZe were then able to reach the 14 rounds, but a 2v4 from gla1ve andAndreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth in the next round got their team back to the game. Even with a 1v2 by the latter in the following round,FaZe denied Astralis’ hope by winning two more rounds to finish the map 16-13.

With a 1.17 team rating on Nuke, Astralis took the series to a third map

Astralis started their adversaries’ map pick, Nuke, with a near-flawless pistol round as Counter-Terrorists. In their anti-eco, the Danish five men couldn’t hold Nikola “NiKo” Kovač and Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s Deagle as both of them had a double-kill with it to win the round. From that point, Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey’s squad won the subsequent two.

As both teams had weapons, Kjaerbye helped his team secure one more round with a triple-kill. Although the Danish player killed another three in the next one, it was NiKo’s triple that guaranteed a two round lead for FaZe.

After FaZe won yet another round, device assured his team’s third round as CT with an AWP triple-kill. The Terrorists then executed A and broke Astralis’ economy, which meant they easily reached a 7-3 scoreline. However, in the next two rounds, device had a triple-kill with the UMP at B and Kjaerbye, for the third time, killed other three at the upper bombsite. Furthermore, Astralis won two more for an 8-7 lead at the end of the first half.

It was NiKo who opened the second half, but it was the Danes who picked the pistol round. Nevertheless, the Bosnian player helped his team win the force-buy with a double-kill with the Deagle. With a 2v5 from Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen and Kjaerbye in the next round – although NiKo killed both, he did not have time to defuse – the Danish duo opened the way for a five round lead (13-8).

Despite losing four in a row and having to play with pistols, FaZefinally managed to pull one round out in the 22nd. In a 3v5, Astralisreached the 14 rounds after outplaying the European mixture with a slow-paced split at A.

After losing two more, Xyp9x was left all alone against four, which seemed like FaZe were going to able to get their 12th round. Still, the Danish player managed to clutch it out with a stylish play and, as he reset his opponents’ economy, eventually take the series to a third map with a 16-11 win on Nuke.

Kjaerbye and his team say goodbye to Sydney

FaZe began the decider map, Train, with yet another fast pistol round. After winning it, karrigan and co. continued their Terrorist trial for five more rounds as they not only picked the anti-ecos but also the first gun round.

Astralis were then able to pick their first two rounds. Since FaZemanaged to plant, they could buy one more time. This time, their firepower prevailed as they picked their sixth round – and eventually the seventh once the Danish five men had to save.

device stepped up in the following round with an AWP triple-kill to help his team secure their third round, but yet another fast push from FaZe guaranteed the eighth round in their favor – and another save round for Astralis. After losing their eco, the Danes won three in a row to close the gap to 6-9.

As for the second half, FaZe continued to thrive in their pistol rounds and got one more, the second on Train, in their favor. After winning the subsequent two anti-ecos, allu’s good positioning at the A bombsite assured the first gun round for his team as Counter-Terrorists.

From that point, Astralis lost a semi-buy but won the next round with a near-flawless. The Danish squad then changed their pace and did a fast B execution to win one more round, which broke their adversaries’ economy and guaranteed the ninth round in their favor.

Despite failing to get the opening kill, a triple and a double-kill byrain and karrigan in the 24th round, respectively, opened the way for FaZe’s trial to the IEM Sydney finals as they won one more to finish close the map 16-9.



paiN qualify for Americas Minor

paiN won the Americas Minor South America Qualifier after beating Merciless 2-0 in the grand final (19-16 on Train and 16-4 on Overpass).

PGL Major Krakow’s Americas Minor will feature two invited and six qualified teams and will take place from June 8-11. One qualification spot was given to the South American region where a 512-team open qualifier took place.

In the aforementioned open qualifier, paiN beat B-EFFECT in the quarter-finals and EN9MY in the semis to arrive at the grand final.Merciless became paiN’s opponent after defeating Innova and INTZin the quarter-finals and semis, respectively.

chelo & co. are through to the Minor

The grand final started on Train and went to overtime as both teams got ten rounds on the T-side. paiN took care of business in overtime and won the map 19-16.

Overpass, which was the second map of the series, wasn’t close.paiN led 14-1 at halftime with their dominating CT-side play. They won the map 16-4 and qualified for PGL Major Krakow’s Americas Minor.

paiN joined Immortals in the team list of the Americas Minor as the latter was invited. Four of the remaining five spots will be handed out in North American qualifiers while the last one will be an invitation spot. The top two teams at the Americas Minor will earn their place at the offline qualifier for the PGL Major Krakow.


Fragadelphia 11 with $50k

Fragadelphia 11 will have $50,000 up for grabs, the event’s organizers have announced.

Taking place at the SunCenter Studios, in Philadelphia, the 11th iteration of Fragadelphia will be held as part of the N3rd Street Gamers Summer Championship, from 28-30 July.

A minimum of $50,000 has been guaranteed for the tournament, but the figure is likely to increase through donations and merchandise sale. The number of competing teams is capped at 64, but the organisation is considering expanding the tournament.

MAiNLiNE’s eUnited won Fragadelphia 10

Two qualifiers will be held in the weeks leading up to Fragadelphia 11 to give teams the chance to win free event entries plus cash prizes. The first one, an online qualifier for which teams can sign uphere, will run from May 15 to June 18 and will see 128 teams compete in a double-elimination bracket for the following prizes:

1. Entry + $1,750 in travel support
2. Entry + $1,000 in travel support
3. Entry

On July 24-25, a two-day LAN event called Road To NSGCS will be held in Philadelphia, with the following prizes up for grabs:

1. Entry + $1,000
2. Entry

eUnited won Fragadelphia 10, in January, after defeating Dethrone in the grand final, taking home the bulk of the tournament’s $30,000 prize pool.


ESL Polish Ch’ship finals with ~$18k

The four-team ESL Polish Championship Finals, which will have 70,000 PLN (~$18,000) on the line, is set to be played out this weekend (April 29-30).

Throughout the first three weeks of April, the online phase of ESL Polish Championship took place with eight teams split into two GSL groups.

In Group A, favorites Kinguin clinched first place and the second spot went to Izako Boars, while Group B saw PRIDE and ZWIERZETA (formerly known as ATB) grabbing their spots at the finals.

Kinguin are looking to defend their ESL Polish Championship title this weekend

The finals will take place this weekend, from April 29-30, in ESL studios in Katowice, with the four teams battling in a single elimination, best-of-three bracket.

Here is the schedule of the ESL Polish Championship Finals:

Saturday, April 29
10:00 Kinguin vs. ZWIERZETA
13:00 PRIDE vs. Izako Boars
Sunday, April 30
12:15 Grand final

The 70,000 PLN prize pot will be distributed as follows:

1. 40,000 PLN (~$10,300)
2. 20,000 PLN (~$5,150)
3-4. 5,000 PLN (~$1,300)


SK win cs_summit over Gambit

SK triumphed at cs_summit with a 3-1 win over Gambit in the grand final (Inferno 10-16, Cache 16-2, Train 16-13).

The grand final began on Gambit’s first choice, Inferno, whereDanylo “Zeus” Teslenko’s squad got off to a 5-0 start as Terrorists.SK then got three in a row defending the B bombsite before another B take ended with the Brazilians saving three weapons.

Three more B executes later, SK picked up their first lead in the match at 7-6 thanks to Joao “felps” Vasconcellos’ triple breaking their opponents’ economy, while the last two rounds were split between the two teams.

In the second half, Gambit took their lead back with Zeus’ triple in the second pistol and a 1v2 from Rustem “mou” Telepov against a forcebuy. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s side then turned around a 3v4, but they had to eco once Gambit replied in the following round and went on to extend their lead to 13-9.

A 2v4 from Epitacio “TACO” de Melo and FalleN pushed SK to double digits, but they couldn’t string more rounds together yet again, asMihail “Dosia” Stolyarov and company finished off map one comfortably at 16-10.

SK back to winning ways with their first title since ESL One Cologne 2016

Cache was up next and it was SK as Terrorists getting a big lead early on that time after felps and Marcelo “coldzera” David won 1v1 clutches in the first two rounds, with the latter adding an ace to his name in the fourth round.

The best player of 2016 continued to rack up kills round after round, including two in a close 1v3 attempt that Gambit ended up winning in the end. That was the only round Zeus’s squad could muster up in the first ten, with SK breaking their economy time and time again.

Before the half ended, only one more round went Gambit’s way when Dosia put up a double when SK tried to run out door. By that time, coldzera was at 28 kills and broke 30 once the second pistol round was over, and his team picked up map two at 16-2.

SK continued with their fantastic form at the beginning of Train with Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and coldzera picking up a few multi-kills on their way to an 8-0 lead as Counter-Terrorists.

Abay “HObbit” Khasenov’s five kills over the next two rounds putGambit on the board, and Zeus’ quad-kill in the next made the score 8-4. The following round went the other way, but it wasGambit who closed out the half with two in a row for a respectable 6-9 half on the offense.

With a B retake, Gambit proceeded to close the gap and eventually grabbed their first lead in the 19th round. However, SK then started coming out on top of disadvantageous situations and went on a six-round streak, clinching match point at 15-11. Dosia then saved Gambit’s chances with a 1v2 clutch, but SK finished it off two rounds afterwards to hoist their first trophy in nine months.

cs_summit final standings:

1. SK – $63,750
2. Gambit – $33,750
3. OpTic – $19,500
4. Cloud9 – $15,000
5-6. NiP – $5,250
5-6. Liquid – $5,250
7-8. EnVyUs – $3,750
7-8. GODSENT – $3,750